To pin or not to pin – can your business benefit from a presence on Pinterest.

To pin or not to pin – that is the question? But you will be surprised at the answer from a business perspective!

Most of us are aware of Pinterest – it is an awesome social media network base which is visually orientated with mostly videos and images – which you can in turn pin to your own account or on other’s accounts.

When it started out people used it to display their hobbies and crafts and their holiday ideas. But then the dam-wall of fame broke and today; everything on the internet has an option to be pinned.

With more than 150 million users your business need to be pinned. It takes only one pin to snowball in no time to get a collection of pins which means more awareness than ever expected.


Pinning your business has some unique benefits;

  • Increased awareness
  • Extra blog traffic
  • Constant new leads
  • Increased sales


Why should your business consider this option?

–           It is the biggest website drivers in the world

–           It is being used across multiple generations

–           It is the fastest growing website in the world

–           It is 80% more viral

–           3 times more effective at generating leads than twitter


The knowing:

  • Business Pinterest account is free plus it gives you additional analytics information
  • Converts more browsers into buyers
  • Increase links back to your website
  • Pins include links back to the source of the image
  • Users are very apt to share pins with groups
  • Pinterest integrates (sync) with your website, facebook and twitter accounts
  • You get to know what your prospective clients like or not
  • Great networking platform
  • Build great SEO value with “do follow” links.


Having read through the above, as well as knowing your business are at the fingertips of 150 million users on a social media base which are free – How could you not Pin you business?

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